Experiments! – 13th January 2018

Today’s session was about getting all scientific with items that could be found around the house, or could at least be bought from the supermarket easily. In total, the kids had a choice of 5 different experiments they could today which included:


The Beavers and Cubs decided in a vote that they wanted to do the lava lamp experiment first. In pairs, they were given a bottle filled one quarter with water, and a choice of food colouring to add colours to their “lamps”. The rest of the bottle was filled with vegetable oil and the kids were able to see that the oil and water didn’t mix together and kept separate from each other.


With the first part of the experiment done, the exciting part was about to start. Each pair was given a vitamin tablet that they would then drop in the bottle, altogether they dropped in the tablet and started seeing it react with the coloured water, but not the oil. This created an effect that you would find in lava lamps, but this kind of “lava lamp” doesn’t need anything plugged in to start working. The Beavers and Cubs were amazed to see their “lava lamps” come alive before their eyes!



The next experiment was creating Oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid, made out of some water, cornflour, and some food colouring to add some colour. With a bit of cornflour poured into a bowl, the Beavers and Cubs slowly added water and started seeing the oobleck come to life. This fluid is quite interesting since if you try to mix it really quickly it’s all stiff and difficult to move like a solid, but if you stir it slowly it acts like a liquid. The kids were able to pick it up with their hands, but it would just melt away if they stopped moving it. It’s easy to do at home, but it sure is messy, and shouldn’t ever be poured down the sink unless you want a visit from the plumber…



While the Beavers and Cubs were getting messy, the Scouts were spending their time to build towers out of marshmallow and spaghetti to see if they could balance a bean bag on it. It was time to put physics to the test! There were many instances where the towers would break into pieces when they would test the sturdiness, but that didn’t stop them from succeeding in their experimental challenge.



Football and Investiture – 17th December 2017

Following on the quieter activity of puzzle building from the last session, the Scouts wanted to do something that got a bit more excited, and football was their answer to that. Though while there weren’t too many of them, 2-a-side along with a Young Leader was more eventful than it sounds!


And with their “football match” finished, the Scouts had joined the Cubs and Beavers in the Investiture Ceremony, being the first session to be Invested showing the younger kids how they should behave during the ceremony.

Congratulations to our new Scouts, being the first in our new Scout Troop. So here are to the days to come with this new section. We hope you promise that you will do your best to help other people, to always do your best, think of others before yourselves, and do a good turn every day.


Painting Puzzles, Investiture, and Moving up – 17th December 2017

With their 3D puzzles being made last week, the Beavers and Cubs wanted to paint their creations.


Others wanted to try their hands at making other 3D puzzles that were a bit more complicated. They weren’t able to finish it in the session, but have challenged themselves in completing it at home for the next session.


With their paintings finished, the session was ended on a grand occasion with one of our new Beavers being Invested into 3rd Basingstoke Scouts, alongside 3 new Cubs. One Beaver has also Moved Up to Cubs now being old enough and has grown mature to be ready for his new section.


Congratulations to these new Beavers and Cubs, and to the former Beaver who have now Moved On from Beavers to Cubs! You’ve said farewell to your fellow Beavers and have been welcomed in by your new Cubs group. Also to our new Beavers and Cubs; we hope you continue to promise that you will do your best to help other people, to always do your best, think of others before yourselves, and do a good turn every day.

Games Night! – 29th November 2016


Since it’s last few sessions of the Autumn term, and also for 2016, the Beavers and Cubs had a session full of various games that would get them to work together and use their skills. Both groups had opened up with a game of Head Catch where they would stand in a circle and had to throw a ball to other Beavers/Cubs, but the twist is that when throwing the ball they would have to shout Head and whoever the ball is going to would have to catch it, and if the person throwing it shouts Catch then they would have to hit the ball with their head, if they get it wrong then they’re out of the game.

DSC06530  DSC06529DSC06535


DSC06543  DSC06542

Trip to Tesco and Activities – 15th November 2016

For this meeting we were invited to our local Tescos for an evening of activities that revolved around food, both at home and international. The Cubs and Beavers were put in to 4 different groups where they were mixed together.


To set off the evening the groups were given a sheet to complete where they had to list a vegetable or fruit and where the produce is from. There were some really surprising locations that the fruits and vegetables had come from.


The second activity that the groups were set to do was to get a collection of items that would either make up an American or French dinner. Each group were given baskets that they would keep these items for an activity later on.


The children were then shown where the food were stored taking a step in the fridge and freezers rooms. The Cubs and Beavers really felt the cold with some of the children’s glasses fogging up when they stepped out of the freezer room!


The next activity would have the groups looking back that the sheet that they had completed at the start. They were questioned and told why certain produce came from certain locations. This was then followed with talking about the dinner items that they had in their baskets and what certain items fitted in the food cycle and how it helped their bodies.


The last activity before the evening ended revolved around cheese. They had to first sort out cheese names and countires, which was quite harder than what both children and leaders thought it would be. A cheese taste with different kind of cheeses and breads finished off the activities. Each Cub and Beaver was given a certificate and badge for all the work they had done and to remember what they had learnt.


We would like to thank Tesco Chineham for giving 3rd Basingstoke the opportunity to visit their store and learn about foods in a fun and interesting way.